Having engine problems?

We can help you

We will track down and diagnose your engine faults.

Whether you have a non starter, a poor runner, you are losing power, cutting out, producing smoke...

Whatever the problem we have the technology and skills to find the issue.

And we have the technology and skills to fix that problem for you.

Diagnostic Services

We use the latest technology to diagnose your engine fault.

We have a wide range of equipment that will root out the source of your problem.


Performance Upgrades

Are you happy with the performance and economy of your vehicle?

If not we can make improvements using our advanced technology by re-mapping (tuning) your engine.


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About Us

Our interesting story

We specialise in diagnosing engine faults, non start, poor running , power loss, cutting out , smoking etc.

We can test the diesel high pressure fuel system on your vehicle including injector testing, pump testing, injector coding and pump coding.

We can do performance or economy re-maps (tuning).

We can do software updates to sort drivability problems.

W can remove seized injectors including snapped ones.

We can deal with DPF problems including forced regeneration and specialist filter cleaning and reinstating DPFs if they have been removed.

We do not do DPF removal (it's illegal).

We do auto electrical fault finding and repair on ABS ,ESP, SRS, PCM etc.

We also carry out the usual garage services: Servicing, MOT, tyres, tracking, exhausts, batteries etc.

We use pico technology We use hartridge technology we use bosch automotive technology we use autologic automotive technology we use autodata automotive technology